! NAAC Accreditation Software, Data Management, Online feedback, LMS, implementing ICT solutions for campus management

Artificial Intelligence based Total Quality Assurance (TQA) Program to help Higher Education Institutions improve overall quality as per various Accreditation Standards.

Institution Empowerment:    We provide 1. Open Source Cloud Based Accreditation Management, Data Management and Campus Automation software. 2. Academic and Administrative Audit 3. Green Audit 4. Quality Audit 5. Library Audit 6. Assist in Setting up Incubation Center and Ecosystem 7. Workshop for accreditation 8. Assist in MoU with Industry and Institutions
9. CO-PO Development and Attainment software. 10. IQAC Workflow, Action Taken Report and Software.

Accreditation software helps with Data Collection from all stakeholders, automatic creation of QIF matrix, AQAR, Other reports and documentation for Indian and International Accreditation Standards. In addition, we provide support to faculties and students as per various accreditation standards on your behalf, as noted below. Our Activities address more than 30% of the accreditation metrics.

Faculty Empowerment: To Faculties, we provide Funding for Project, e-content development, ability to offer online course (Paid), MOOC, Consultancy opportunities, Faculty exchange.

Student Empowerment: Students get Internship in Times Internet Portfolio or other companies, over 50+ certificate and value added courses, Soft Skills training, Employability training, Psychometric Test, Career Counseling, Personal Counseling, Scholarship for students, Higher Education Scholarship, Student Housing Support, Sample question papers for placement and competitive examinations, Placement support, Resume Builder.

A Portfolio Company of Times Internet. Over 60 Institutions, 6,000 Faculties and 60,000 Students Benefitted from this Program.

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Campus Automation with built in Accreditation and Payment Gateway

The Included ICT software helps you with data collection from all stakeholders and automated preparation of QIF matrix and supporting documents.

Report Creation
Accreditation, University and Institution reports creation is just a
click away! Export reports to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
ICT Implementation
Implement ICT, Quality
improvement process from
admission to academics, attendance, online MCQ, Teaching Learning modules, fees, alumni, placement, hostel, ILMS,faculty records, assets and more.
Data Collection
Simplify data collection from
faculty student & other stake-
holders & with mobile
app and website.
Complete IQAC Workflow, All feedback including 360 degree feedback, stakeholder feedback, SWOT, Quality Circle, Quality Monitoring with Academic and Administrative Audit, Green Audit, Quality Improvement, Quality Policies, SSR, QIF, AQAR, NIRF.



Open Source Cloud Based Software for Accreditation Management, Campus Automation, Data Management. Support automated data collection, Report generation and Evidence management for Accreditation and Compliance. Free
Cloud hosting with mobile app support Complimentary with Student Empowerment Program
Academic and Administrative Audit Complimentary with Student Empowerment Program
Green Audit Complimentary with Student Empowerment Program
Faculty Empowerment Complimentary for every faculty with Student Empowerment Program
Student Empowerment Students pay:
Rs. 600 for one year, Rs. 1000 for two years, Rs. 1200 for three years and Rs. 1300 for four years.


About Us

Kahan Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a portfolio company of Times Internet.

Kahan Technologies support the cause of Total Quality Management (TQM) of an institution through accreditation and quality education using ICT and standardized processes for all higher education institutions. Towards the same, we provide free open source ICT software (Campus.Technology) for data management and quality improvement, including accreditation management to all eligible higher education institutions in India. In addition, we also provide a number of solutions, including a cloud based software with mobile app, workshops, Academic and Administrative Audit, Green Audit etc. to assist the institutions to manage their accreditation process, and we do provide support to faculties for various activities, and assist students through a student empowerment program.

A number of premiere institutions across India are working with Campus.Technology to manage and streamline their accreditation processes and campus automation as per leading accreditation standards.


Meet Our Core Team Members Working With Institutions in India, Australia and USA.

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    Suman Nandy
    Experience of over 15 years in compliance in india, Australia and U.S.A.
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    Prabol Bhandari
    Over 15 years Expertise in education industry for compliance and accreditation in India, USA and Europe.
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    VP, Technology & Operations
    Technology advisor assisting ICT implementation across the world.


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